me ROFL helicopter

excuse you google let me finish my sentence before you jump in there

58688 09.02.13

When the microwave decides to heat my bowl instead of my food.

43106 09.02.13

That awkward moment when you break something


And walk away like nothing happened.

For the Win.

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klalovesyou   57572 06.11.12

When my computer thinks that ‘reblog’ is not a word.

thewayjeffdavislaughs   48039 06.11.12

When battle music plays in a game but you can’t find the enemy.

theserpentking   115063 06.11.12

I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe imagines himself as Harry when he reads the books.

kisscolfer   62739 06.11.12

Your reaction when someone calls your phone.


When your parents call you:

When your crush calls you:

When a random number calls you:

When your ex calls you:

When your work calls you:

When no one calls you:

Work one dead on lmao

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whenmomentsblog   727 06.09.12

When someone trips in class


The whole class is like:

Then there’s that one kid who is like:

“Guys, that wasn’t funny.”

You’re just like:

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funnystorybro   15439 06.09.12

Having a song stuck in your head while taking a test…….

merthurotpalecki   107900 06.08.12

When people talk about how hot the celebrity you’re obsessed with

xoneha   49795 06.08.12